Coding Adventure

Embark on a game-based coding platform where you and your students will venture through different places, ranging from jungles to imaginary lands. On the way, you will learn to code as you face over 400 challenges and take back all the bananas the gorilla got its hands on.

  • Story Mode: Learn new coding knowledge and concepts step by step.
  • Skill Mode: Used to strengthen students’ understanding of the skills. Challenges unlock as the progress in story mode.


Part I: Fundamentals

Help a cute monkey catch bananas in 75 fun-filled challenges! Students will meet different animals that will guide them along the way. Students need to write code and think outside the box to win as many stars as possible.
  • Involved concepts: Objects / statement / various / arrays / for loop, etc.

Part II: Functions & Conditions

The favorite monkey is back and ready to catch more bananas – but this time with the help of a friendly rat! Not only will students meet cats in the desert, but also goats in the wintertime who will help monkey unfreeze frozen bananas.
  • Involved concepts: Boolean conditions (and / or) / function definitions / if and if-else conditions, etc.

Part III: Logic & Events

Hard work pays off! In the final part of Coding Adventure, students will learn everything they need to master code and finally take on that greedy gorilla!
  • Involved concepts: <,= / return / keyboard and mouse events, etc.

Challenge Builder

Challenge Builder helps students evolve from learning to creating. Students will demonstrate everything from their understanding of the differences between event-driven code and sequential code to building loops and for loops. Leverage CodeMonkey’s Challenge Builder to motivate students to build and share their very own challenges.



Millions of students all over the world have already learned to code with CodeMonkey. As computer programming expands, it increasingly becomes an integral part of the K-12 curriculum.

CodeMonkey’s Coding Adventure is perfect for educators who are interested in incorporating Computer Science into their curriculum but are not sure where to start. Coding Adventure is made for beginners and can provide any school with the advantage of giving its students the most cutting-edge computer programming education.


No Prior Coding Experience Required!

CodeMonkey is designed as a classroom resource with fully-guided lessons plans. No prior knowledge and experience are required to successfully roll-out Coding Adventure in the classroom.

Coding Adventure fosters the development of executive functioning skills, such as problem solving and planning, as well as geometric and mathematical thinking. Coding Adventure was made with teachers in mind and offers teachers guidance throughout the platform.


Coding Adventure starts with a linear pathway of coding challenges. In the challenges, students program a monkey to catch all of the bananas on the screen. Each solution is then checked and graded automatically. Students also receive personalized hints and tips to help facilitate their progress along the way at a pace that is right for them. This feature of the platform renders it appropriate for a broad range of levels and learning styles.

What are you waiting for?
Start teaching your students the basics of Computer Science and prepare them for the 21st century!