CodeMonkey’s Story

“Since we started to code as 4th graders in the 1990’s, we knew how powerful code literacy can be for a child’s future.” CodeMonkey was founded in 2014, based on Jonathan’s successful experiences in teaching young children to code through playful activities. Today, CodeMonkey brings fun, knowledge and opportunity into the lives of millions of learners around the world.

“We are a team of experts in technology, gaming and pedagogy who together solve the equation of learning to code.”

SCHOR, CodeMonkey CEO & Co-Founder

CodeMonkey focus on engagement and user experience in order to achieve a fun and effective learning process.

Unique Coding Path

Children young as 3 years old to 15+ students can also use CodeMonkey to learn coding. CodeMonkey’s courses are designed for different age and grade of students, in order to fit for every students’ needs.

  • Block-based coding
  • Test-based coding
  • Create computer games
  • Build up a next generation of technology creator
Prepare Everything For You

Teachers or schools without prior coding or teaching experience can also teach coding.
CodeMonkey provides professional training to teachers:

  • Help teachers to solve the common code teaching problems
  • Ensure every teachers can maximize the usage of CodeMonkey
  • Train up qualified coding teacher.
  • Help teachers and schools start your first coding lesson

All teacher materials and lesson plans are designed by teachers to teachers. CodeMonkey knows what teachers needs and wants.

Engage Students, Grow Your Business

CodeMonkey promises to provide every materials, include leaflet, poster, and student cert., etc. for you to explore your business. We will also help raise your logo exposure, in order to let more parents and students know about you and CodeMonkey.

Besides, CodeMonkey provides a game-based learning environment. With CodeMonkey unique coding path, it is much more engaging than traditional learning model and encourage students to continue learning with CodeMonkey.

Partner with CodeMonkey and bring 21st century skill to your students!
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