Unique Coding Path

CodeMonkey’s courses are designed for different age and grade of students, in order to fit for every students’ needs.

Start from block-based coding to lead children enter the coding world.  Then CodeMonkey teaches test-based coding. Students learn and program lines of code, even explore and engage them to design and create their own computer games, in order to build up a next generation of technology creator.

Teach kids Programming. Teach kids Computational Thinking. Teach kids 21st Century Skills.

Full Courses, Ready To Go

  • Provide systemic, detailed and flexible curriculum and lesson plans
  • Game-based learning engage students and promote self-learning successfully
  • Curriculum and lesson plans are designed by senior and rich IT teaching experience of teachers
  • Able to use in IT lesson, cross-curricular study, STEM workshop and after school activities, etc.
  • Not only teach coding concepts, also teach computer science
  • No prior coding or teaching experience required

Professional Training

  • Provide professional training to teachers
  • Help teachers start up their first coding lesson
  • Solve the common code teaching problems
  • Ensure teachers can maximize the usage of CodeMonkey

Class Management

  • Real time track students learning progress
  • Automatically save students’ coding solutions
  • Students’ result can be downloaded as Excel file and convenience for scoring
  • Provide “LOCK PC” function and make students concentrate on your lesson

Game-Based Learning

  • Learn coding in a gamified environment
  • Program with cute and lovely characters
  • More engage students to learn

What is Hour of Code?

Hour of Code, as the name suggests, began as a one-hour introductory lesson in Computer Science, stressing its importance in the 21st century and demonstrating that computer programming is not something to fear, but on the contrary, can easily become second nature. Today, Hour of Code has grown from an hour to a week-long, worldwide initiative that promotes computer programming.

CodeMonkey has cooperated with Code.org as part of the Hour of Code initiative since 2014.

  • Introduces the important and foundational coding concepts subjects
  • Starts off with very simple tasks in order to slowly and gradually teach students different aspects of coding
  • Suitable for beginner to start their first coding experience